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      Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Branding, and Consulting.

      Web & E-commerce Development

      Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Advertising

      Search Engine Optimization & Accessibility

      Email Marketing

      Branding and Consulting

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      Slide FACEBOOK ADS AND RETARGETING Reach your customers and prospects where they are already spending their time. Create highly targeted social ads and retarget your website visitors on Facebook to increase conversions. LEARN MORE p Slide GOOGLE ADWORDS ADVERTISING Reach your customers and prospects with highly targeted ads on Google. Create Product listing Ads to feature your products and retarget website visitors to increase conversions. LEARN MORE Slide SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Optimize your website and landing pages to make sure you are getting the most organic traffic from search engines. Boost your traffic and reduce your reliance on paid advertising. LEARN MORE Slide LOCAL BUSINESS MARKETING Get more leads, more store traffic, and more sales with local business marketing. Find your ideal customers and help them find you! LEARN MORE

      Digital Marketing Services

      You can count on 20+ years of experience in digital marketing, e-commerce, branding, and consulting.


      Digital Marketing that Delivers Results

      Get real results that deliver more leads, more customers, and more revenue.


      Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Advertising

      Google Advertising

      SEO Optimization

      Social Media Marketing

      Website Development

      Application Development



      Analytics and Insights

      How optimized is your digital marketing?
      Let's Talk Digital Marketing
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      We definitely found the right person to work with in designing and maintaining our website and e-commerce activities! John is a wonderful professional-- listening to the client, suggesting appropriate options and delivering a creative, up-to-the moment, engaging product. John is able to be responsive to urgent or critical changes and updates, and has an easy, thoughtful presence and attitude.

      Susan Kawa
      Executive Director, Silver Creek Pre-school

      John has revolutionized our use of the internet to grow our readership and change the way people think about literature. Almost overnight, John effectively morphed us from a small indie publisher into a major player in the world publishing market. Through our continued relationship we only see ourselves growing and expanding.

      Jay Millar
      Owner, BookThug

      I've worked with John for quite a number of years, on numerous web-related projects including branding, social networking and design. His knowledge of the internet, research capabilities, design and web development are essential to allow me to concentrate on my work as an artist. I have the utmost confidence and trust in him.

      Joe Deagnon
      Owner, Chicken Outfit Media

      At InVita, we had the good fortune of having John come to us highly recommended. ?He has proven to be invaluable to us as consultant who excels at all aspects of ?website design including flawless execution. ?John not only met but exceeded our expectations. ?He continues to be a critical contributor to InVita's ongoing success.

      Helen Krapf-Jones
      Owner, InVita Sport
      What the Heck is Retargeting?

      You work hard to get people to your website, but only around 2% convert on the first visit. So how do you get them back to complete a purchase or take some other action? Retargeting (also known as remarketing) is the practice of showing ads to people who have already visited your website, but have not converted into a lead or a customer.